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Treat Spotlight – Fairytale Bars

January 1, 2018

Our brownies are usually the star of the show around here. They’re delicious, gourmet and the perfect gift for any occasion. We get why people love talking about them so much. We do too.

But we have a whole line of incredible treats that deserve just as much love.

That’s why, today, we’ve got an entire post dedicated to our soft, buttery, completely addicting Fairytale Bars.  

When we started baking our bars back in 2012, we wanted to try something different. We wanted to be able to give people more flavors to add even more variety to their favorite gifts. Thankfully, our expert bakers were up to the challenge! They worked together to create an instant favorite.

Blondie bars are soft and fluffy, baked with dark brown sugar and pure vanilla extract. Unlike our dense and decadently fudgy Belgian chocolate brownies, Fairytale Bars are light and almost cake-like.

If you haven’t tried one of our Fairytale Bars yet, we suggest starting with the classic Chocolate Chip Bar. It’s got just the right blend of brown sugar and semi-sweet chocolate that you love about blondie bars — but with the gourmet twist you expect from Fairytale Brownies. Think of it like a chocolate chip cookie cake that’s moist and buttery and baked to golden-brown perfection.

For more adventurous flavor fans, we think you’ll love our Raspberry White Chocolate Bar. Light, delicate white chocolate chips swirled with sweet and tangy raspberry puree combines into an elegant, harmonious blend of irresistible flavors.

Our other flavors include:

Cheesecake Swirl - Cake-like brown sugar blondie swirled with tangy cream cheese

Lemon Blondie - Soft and light blondie bar drizzled with zesty lemon icing

Cinnamon Crumb – Buttery blondie bar crowned with cinnamon and walnut crumble

Pecan Blondie - Moist, chewy blondie topped with crunchy pecan halves

Fairytale Bars are available in many of our combo gifts, so your loved ones can get a taste without having to give up the brownies. Or, if they're among the minority that doesn't like chocolate, send a dozen Fairytale Bars by themselves.

Unlike our brownies, the bars only come in one size, so it’s important to stock up on all your favorites. Once you find the blondie you can't stand to share, you can stock up on your favorite blondie bars in bulk!

No matter how you try them, just be warned, they’re super addicting! 

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