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Brownie, Bars, and Cookie Info

Are Fairytale Brownies individually wrapped?

What is the Fairytale family of flavors?

What are the Brownie, Bar and Cookie sizes offered?

How do I care for my gourmet treats, and how long will they last?

Are there any allergens?

Do you have nutritional & ingredient information available?

What is the sugar-free brownie made with?

Customer Service

How do I view previous orders I’ve placed with Fairytale Brownies?

How do I find out my customer number?

I forgot my brownies.com log-in information. How do I retrieve it?

How do I learn about upcoming sales and promotions?

What is an APO/FPO address?

How do I enter an APO/FPO address?

What is Choose Your Own - and why am I charged for it?

Is the information I give Fairytale Brownies kept private?

Do you guarantee the quality of your product?

Do you give volume discounts?

Why do I have to pay tax?

Does Fairytale Brownies donate to any charitable organizations?

Why did I not receive the exact flavors as described?


What shipping carrier do you use?

What are summer shipping charges and why am I charged?

Why does my order take longer to arrive in the summer?

Why did my brownies arrive warm? Are they still ok to eat?

Can I track a USPS order?

Am I charged for reroute due to an incorrect address?


How do I add items to my Brownie Bag?

How do I shop using my address book?

How do I ship two gifts to different people at the same address?

Is placing an order on the brownies.com website secure? How?

Custom and Corporate Gifts

What is a custom or corporate gift?

How do I order a custom gift?

Do you sell products to the promotional gifts industry?

Do you offer terms and billing for businesses?

How do I set up a corporate account?

Do you have art guidelines for custom gifts?

Gift List

What is a Gift List?

How do I retrieve and update my Gift List?


Do you sell wholesale?


Do you have a retail store?

Do other retail locations sell Fairytale Brownies?

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