Internet Retailer Top 100 Website Award in 2009 | Fairytale Brownies

Fairytale Brownies wins "Internet Retailer Top 100 Website Award"

PHOENIX, AZ, November 21, 2009 Food and health are two of life’s essentials. The Food and Drug online retailers in this year’s list of Hot 100 retail web sites not only deliver such necessities with speed and ease, they all spice up their offerings with a little extra as well.

Take Zabar’s, a New York City-based grocery store famous amid Upper West Side food connoisseurs as a shop offering impeccable quality and hard-to-find goods. The niche retailer’s e-commerce site also offers quality-in the form of food-related content. The retailer makes use of videos to help educate shoppers on what to look for in the gourmet cheese section and on how to brew a flawless cup of coffee. The site also offers recipes and links to resources such as the web sites of food critics. on the other hand, sweetens its site with up to 10 posts a week from as many as five internal bloggers who give shoppers a peek into the goings on at the e-retailer’s bakery. Source:


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