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Build Lasting Relationships

Take your law firm’s marketing strategy to the next level in a way your most valuable clients will genuinely appreciate! Even after a case is won, strategic touchpoints will secure your position as a valuable client’s go-to attorney for any future legal needs or consultations.

Don’t forget to appreciate your own staff, too. For staff birthdays, work anniversaries, or thank you gifts for interns, an irresistible box full of brownies always boosts office morale.

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Stay Top of Mind

For clients you’ve worked with for years now, send a sweet reminder of how much you enjoy partnering with them! On their birthday, during the holidays, or for a partnership anniversary, strengthen that relationship with a top shelf gift that says, “thank you for continuing to choose us.”

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Connect with Industry Contacts

Nourish a strong working relationship with the attorneys and contacts you work with on a regular basis! Your network of trusted professionals provides not only support and advice when you need it, but can also grow into a reliable referral source to expand your law firm. Remind them you’re only a phone call or email away!

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Attract New Clients to Represent

Getting clients as a lawyer can be difficult, since for your client it’s often a huge commitment! They’re trusting you to represent them and their interests. Their representation impacts their life, so it’s not a choice they’ll make lightly.

Sending a delicious Belgian chocolate brownie gift is not only a nice gesture, but also a tasteful show of goodwill and a promise that they mean more to you than the bottom line.

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Grow Your Firm with Referrals

If you’re wondering how to get clients as a lawyer, why not enlist your current clients to help? Encourage clients to refer business friends, peers, and associates and receive a tasty reward.

It’s a fantastic law firm marketing idea that benefits from authentic word-of-mouth credibility. There’s no better way to pass the first hurdle of trust.

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Spark a Prospect’s Interest

When it comes to winning a high-value prospect, you need to go above and beyond to attract their attention. Other attorneys may be bidding for the same client, so how will your law firm stand out?

An elegant, upscale gift of gourmet brownies branded with your logo is a sure way to be remembered. Each Fairytale gift includes your personalized gift message, so they’ll have your contact information at their fingertips.

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Grow & Maintain Client Loyalty

After putting in the effort to attract new clients for your law firm, make sure to hold onto them! Loyal customers will choose you for representation every time, and are much more likely to be a valuable referral source for years to come.

Our fudgy Belgian chocolate brownies are packed with a variety of flavors and sizes, sure to win the hearts of everyone in their office. Plus, each treat is individually wrapped for freshness and easy sharing.

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Appreciate New Clients

Start your relationship with a brand-new client in a way they’ll never forget. Send a classy and professional gift of rich, decadent brownies, chewy cookies, and buttery blondies to reassure them that they made the right choice!

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Celebrate their Victory

Winning a case is an exciting moment! While your client is happy and thrilled, share in their joy with a celebratory gift of premium brownies. It’s a thoughtful touch that shows them how invested you are in their success.

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Meaningful Gifts For Any Moment

Taking the time to match a perfectly suited gift to each recipient enhances the impact and makes the moment even more special! No matter the occasion or sentiment, we offer an impressive array of gifts to fit a wide variety of needs and taste preferences.

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Small Gift, Big Impact

Simple yet delightful. Even the small moments can be made memorable with a surprise treat of Belgian chocolate brownies! For your next open house or educational event, surprise all your attendees or guests with a small branded gift favor to leave the best possible impression.

Order favors in bulk for the best discount! Plus, customize each favor with your firm’s logo with no set-up fee.

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Gifts Stacked to Impress

Delight the clients and businesses you treasure most with the royal treatment! Stunning and spectacular, a gorgeous tower of fine chocolate treats sends the ultimate impression of quality and luxury.

At each level of the gift tower, they’ll find a delightful surprise assortment of brownies, cookies, and blondies. It’s the peak of professional gift-giving!

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Add Spark to Seminars

Make events, seminars and conferences memorable with this tasteful personal touch! Hand out individual brownies and cookies emblazoned with your law firm’s full-color logo.

Pick any flavor of full-size brownie or cookie and we’ll happily wrap each treat in a customized label of your design. We use a premium laser printer to ensure vibrant color and sharp, professional quality on each treat label. Perfect for company logos, photos, contact information, event-specific messages and more!

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Catered to Every Need

No matter their taste preferences, we bake a wide range of brownie, cookie, and blondie flavors and sizes to satisfy any sweet tooth!

All Fairytale Treats are baked with all-natural, kosher-certified ingredients and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Match your client’s needs with sugar-free or no-nut options, or pick out their favorites with the Choose Your Own option available on most gifts!

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