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Ten Unforgettable Ways to Promote your Dental Practice with Fairytale Brownies

For any size dental practice, every single patient and partner makes a big difference. In order to stand out and make an impression, you need a dental practice marketing strategy that goes beyond the basics.

From dental goodie bags to partner or patient referral gifts, here's a full list of dental patient marketing ideas and gifting opportunities you can use to promote your dental practice with Fairytale Brownies.

Find New Dental Patients

New patients are the lifeblood of your dental practice! So how can you convince them to give your practice a chance?

For starters, mouthwatering and memorable brownies baked with fine Belgian dark chocolate and all-natural ingredients is an effective way to keep you top of mind! Delivered with your logo printed on top, you’ll be remembered.

Dental Patient Referral Gifts

New Patient Referrals

Expand your practice with a new patient referral program! Encourage clients to refer friends and family and receive a tasty reward. It’s a fantastic way to promote your dental practice through authentic word-of-mouth marketing.

Keep it simple with a basic brownie-for-referral system, or up the excitement with a tiered referral system that lets patients earn bigger rewards every time they refer someone new!

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Gifts for new patients

New Patient Incentives

Encourage patients to make an appointment by sweetening the deal. Draw in new clients by promoting a free brownie gift included with their first cleaning.

You can offer rewards for other services and procedures, too. For patients with braces or tender jaws, make sure to give them no-nut brownies so they can indulge in soft, fudgy, and crunch-free treats.

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Bolster Dental Patient Loyalty

Once you acquire new patients for your practice, make sure to put effort into keeping them around! Gifts for existing patients will improve your relationship and let them know you genuinely care about them.

sugar-free brownies to reward dental patients

Dental Goodie Bag Treats

Reward your patients for good dental hygiene with something a little extra in their goodie bag!

Alongside the toothbrush and floss in your dental goodie bag, include a small indulgence - a bite-size, sugar-free Magic Morsel brownie.

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monthly giveaways

Monthly Giveaways

Encourage patients to return regularly with a chance to win every time! Hold a monthly giveaway in your dental waiting room that patients can enter simply by making an appointment.

While clients are notoriously uneasy about their yearly dentist visits, this easy once-a-month investment makes the day a lot sweeter!

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Congratulate them on their new smile

Commemorate their New Smile

Is your patient finally getting their braces removed? Are they at the end of a long string of jaw surgeries?

They finally have a bright new smile they’re proud to show off to the world. Immortalize the moment with a keepsake tin gift your patient can hold onto forever, filled to the brim with brownies!

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Celebrate Dental Graduations

Celebrate a Dental “Graduation”

As an alternative to a personalized photo gift, celebrate a patient’s “graduation” from a long-term dental commitment with a message of congratulations.

A big box of fudgy brownies, chewy cookies, and buttery blondies lets your patient indulge, rejoice, and share with their family and friends.

Send Sweet Congratulations

Build Your Industry Network

Happy employees make a happy and efficient office. Happy partners lead to eager business opportunities and more referrals. What goes around comes around, and the dental industry is no exception!

In a job that’s all about making people smile, delighting those around you with a gift of brownies is a perfect fit! They’ll return the favor with hard work, dedication, and loyalty.

Gifts for fental Hygienist

Delightful Dental Hygienist Gifts

For their endless support and expert patient care, your dental assistants and hygienists deserve something special! Treat your staff to a scrumptious gift that lets them sit back and indulge.

Gifts for your dental hygienists or assistants keep them happy and engaged – which will result in higher quality patient care. Patients spend the most time with their hygienist, so they’ll notice the difference!

For holidays, their birthday, or a simple reminder of appreciation, fudgy Belgian chocolate brownies are a dental hygienist gift they’ll never forget.

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grow dental partnerships

Grow Current & New Partnerships

For years, your preferred orthodontists, labs, surgeons, and dentists have taken good care of your patients! Their hard work makes your patients even happier, and that longstanding partnership is worth celebrating.

Don’t let these prized relationships weaken over time. Remind your professional network how much you value them with a unique and scrumptious gift!

New contacts are just as important! Impress them with a surprise gift of brownies, and they’ll be more likely to think of you first when their patients need a referral.

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Dental-Friendly & Catered to their Needs

Something as sweet and fudgy as brownies sounds like an ironic gift to get from a dentist, but that’s what makes it unique and memorable!

We offer a wide range of treat varieties, including sugar-free and no-nut. All our brownies, cookies, and blondies are baked with kosher, all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, artificial colors, or trans fats. Pick out specific dessert gifts for patients, dental hygienists, orthodontists, vendors, and labs depending on their needs!

sugar-free gifts

Sugar-Free Brownies

Just as fudgy and rich in flavor as our signature recipe, our sugar-free brownies are the ideal way to indulge without taking a step backwards on good dental hygiene.

The maltitol sweetener of our sugar-free brownies cannot be metabolized by bacteria in the mouth, so it doesn’t contribute to the formation of dental caries!

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no-nut gifts

no-nut Brownies

For patients with braces or tender jaws, let them indulge without the hard crunch of nuts. Our no-nut brownie gifts include only the soft, fudgy brownies from our family of flavors.

Apply the “no-nut” filter on any gift category page or select “choose your own flavors” on any gift to make sure they can indulge while still being mindful of their dental needs.

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