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We Believe in Play

We Believe in Play

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KABOOM! + Fairytale Brownies

A Playground Dream Come True!

Our founders, David and Eileen, met on a kindergarten playground. So, giving kids the gift of play will always hold a special place in our hearts! Since 2001, we’ve partnered with the national non-profit, KABOOM! to help their incredible work building playspaces for kids across the country.

Together with our Fairytale family, we've raised over $650,000, worked countless volunteer hours, and donated lots of brownies. You can make a donation to KABOOM! at checkout and we'll match all donations up to $10,000 per year. Thanks to you, we have funded several Phoenix-area playgrounds, and assisted with builds across the country.

KABOOM! + Fairytale Brownies

Our 2023 Loma Linda Elementary playground build

In one afternoon, 150 volunteers were able to:

  • Build a 2,500 square-foot playground
  • Mix 9,120 pounds of concrete - by hand!
  • Install 80 cubic yards of mulch
  • Paint 8 lovely, interactive murals
  • Build 1 beautiful memorial bench
  • Build 1 gaga ball court
  • Build 1 playground shade structure
  • Consume 696 delicious Fairytale Brownies

Our 2017 Arizona Autism Charter School playground build

Video courtesy of Arizona Autism Charter School.
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