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Create an Unforgettable Real Estate Experience with Fairytale Brownies

We can help you leave the best possible impression!

From business cards to referral gifts, here's a full list of real estate marketing ideas you can use to promote your name or agency with Fairytale Brownies.

Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Help them start building happy memories in their new home or celebrate the first anniversary! A housewarming gift of gourmet treats lets them celebrate the start of a new life. After all, buying a house is a lot of work. Give them a gift for sitting back, relaxing, and treating themselves.

Realtor Brownie Gifts

A Gift for the Whole Family

Everyone gets excited about dessert! That makes Fairytale treats one of the best and easiest housewarming gifts for families, couples, and individuals.

Just pick a piece count to fit their family size, and we'll handle the rest.

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Personalized Gifts

Practical & Personal Gifting

Send a personalized "Welcome Home!" gift that they can enjoy now and keep using forever! With our keepsake photo gifts, you can upload any full-color image and we'll print it on the lid. Snap a picture of their new home, or better yet, a picture of the family standing in front of their new home! It's a personalized housewarming gift they won't soon forget.

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Perfect Real Estate Closing Gifts

Buying or selling a house can be stressful. Congratulate them and celebrate the occasion with a closing gift of brownies!

Congratulations Gifts

Leave a Positive Impression

This deal may be done, but strengthening a relationship with your client is worth more in the long run!

Years down the road, they'll forget the details. But they won't forget the happiness your brownie gift brought them.

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Custom Keepsake Gifts

Appreciate Those Who Made it Happen

There are a lot of parties involved when buying or selling a house! Banks, buyers, sellers, contractors, fellow real estate agents… It just couldn't be possible without teamwork all around.

Thank everyone involved for their hard work with a tasty gift of brownies, printed with your full-color logo.

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Real Estate Referral & Industry Partner Gifts

Reward your referrals with a gift that makes them smile! Gourmet brownie gifts are memorable, unique, and guaranteed to keep you on their mind.

Thank You Gifts

Incentives More Memorable than Cash

Cash incentives can be great, but studies show that non-cash incentives are 24% more effective. Pair your finder's fee with a cheer-bringing box of brownies to create a stronger emotional attachment. It's a more personal and heartfelt gift, after all!

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Custom Logo Thank You Gifts

Customized with your Logo

Put your brand in the spotlight. We'll print your full-color logo on the lid of any custom gift so you'll stay top of mind! There are no minimums and no set-up fees.

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Unique Real Estate Business Cards

Trust us. When you want to leave a powerful first impression, share your contact info via gourmet dessert. It won't get "lost" in the trash like most business cards. The perfect farming tool.

Bulk Brownies, Cookies & Blondies

Tangible Business Cards they'll Remember

Tape your business card to a brownie, and they won't forget you! Clients tend to be wary of pushy real estate agents, so this is a perfect way to extend the olive branch and make it clear from the beginning that you have their best interests at heart.

Buy brownies, cookies, and blondies in bulk, then store them in your freezer until you're ready to connect.

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Custom Label Brownies

Custom Label Treats

Instead of a printed real estate business card, get your contact information & MLS number in full-color on a custom label!

It's an above and beyond way to make a first impression, and they'll think of you with every bite.

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Delicious Open House Appetizers

Show them you mean business with a treat that reflects on your professionalism! Fairytale treats are baked to perfection with premium, all-natural ingredients and NO trans fats or preservatives. We offer an unparalleled gourmet quality that proves to prospects that you don't settle for second best. All treats are certified kosher.

Bulk Treats

Quality Appetizers on a Budget

Treat your open house guests with something memorable and easy on your budget. When you buy in bulk, you get all the irresistible fudgy taste of Fairytale Brownies without the premium price.

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All Treat are Individually Wrapped

Easy Treats, Always Fresh

All Fairytale treats are individually wrapped, meaning they're ready for an open house when you are! Plus, you can freeze any leftovers for your next event.

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