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Fairytale Brownies Enhances Customer's Chocolate Experience With Introduction of Recipe Suggestions

Fairytale Brownies

Phoenix, Ariz. - Immediate Release - Fairytale Brownies has added another way to enhance the customer's chocolate experience just in time for Valentine's Day: Dip the tasty treats in more chocolate.

Over the years, the gourmet brownie company has tried many delectable recipes. Beginning with its Valentine's Day 2013 catalog (available today), Fairytale will feature one of those recipes on its cover. Although the actual recipe for Spicy Chili Chocolate Fondue won't be printed in the catalog, a QR code and link will be provided to access the recipe and a how-to video narrated by co-founder Eileen Spitalny.

"Customers love discovering new ways to serve Fairytale Brownies," Spitalny said. "Our recipe suggestions are simple, delicious, and are designed to elevate your brownie experience.

With the Fairytale Spicy Chili Chocolate Fondue, the chili flavor isn't so spicy that you'll need gallons of water to cool your flaming tongue. The spice is subtle, almost an afterthought that slowly presents itself.

Fairytale Brownies will include a different recipe suggestion with each catalog drop in 2013. Other Fairytale recipes featured will include Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting, Fresh Raspberry Sauce for Brownie Sundaes, Ice Cream Brownie Sandwiches, and Mint Chocolate Milkshakes.

For more information, samples, or images, please contact Eileen Spitalny of Fairytale Brownies at 602.489.5122,

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