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Berry Brownie Sandwiches

Berry Brownie Sandwiches

Rich or refreshing? Chocolatey or sweet? But the biggest question: why choose when you could have it all?

Fruity and fresh berries are a perfect completement for decadently rich Belgian chocolate brownies. With some cookie cutters and colorful toppings, they’re a gorgeous treat to serve at dinner, parties, and celebrations. Best yet, they only take a few minutes to whip together!

Full-size Fairytale Brownies are a great choice for indulgent single-serve brownie sandwiches, but any size will work! If you need something smaller, Magic Morsels make wonderful (and adorable) bite-size sandwiches for a party snack table.



  1. Cut full-size Fairytale Brownies with cookie cutter shapes of your choice. You will need two of the same shape for each sandwich.
  2. Coat half of the brownies in a generous layer of whipped cream.
  3. Stick 4-5 berries in the whipped cream. The berries should be mostly buried.
  4. Firmly press another brownie on top to complete your sandwich.
  5. Add toppings of your choice!

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