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Brownie Parfaits

Fairytale Brownies chocolate brownie parfait recipe

The best thing about brownie parfaits is that they have all the sweetness of a dessert, but not as much guilt. A mix of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and dark chocolate brownies is all it takes for the perfect brownie parfait!

The brownie part sounds strange for a “healthy” recipe, but Fairytale Brownies are baked with fine Belgian dark chocolate. Unlike cheaper filler chocolates and cocoa powders, dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Everything in our brownies is real and all-natural — No preservatives, trans fats, or artificial colors.

You can make a few of these brownie parfaits at once and keep them in your fridge to grab whenever the craving hits. It's an easy and convenient way to keep to your portion control goals!



  1. Stack all ingredients in a small cup or mason jar, alternating with each layer.
  2. Enjoy a brownie parfait whenever your craving strikes!

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