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Fairytale Brownies Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brownie and ice cream – a match made in heaven! Cool, refreshing ice cream with fudgy rich chocolate brownies is a classic combination for warm summer days. Eating your brownie and ice cream combo from a bowl is always the easiest option, but it’s not the only way to enjoy an easy dessert!

Brownie ice cream sandwiches are an easy go-to option that lets you take dessert on the go. Great for summer parties or storing in the freezer for later enjoyment, here’s a quick and easy recipe to make your own brownie ice cream sandwiches at home. Makes 12 servings.



  1. Refrigerate the brownies for 30 minutes or longer.
  2. Unwrap the brownies and slice in half by carefully placing them on their sides and slowly pressing a knife through each one.
  3. Place about three heaping tablespoons of ice cream on the bottom slice. Smooth out the ice cream and place on the top half of the brownie ice cream sandwich.
  4. Optional: Dab the sides of each brownie ice cream sandwich in sprinkles, nuts, or another favorite topping.
  5. Wrap each brownie ice cream sandwich with wax paper and tie with a piece of twine. Place in the freezer to harden.

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